Diavù, Molosso Skull 1

This guy is the first of a skull series from David Vecchiato-Diavù that will take part to a live performance this summertime, August 6th in Rossano Calabro - Cosenza (Calabria).
News and updates soon!

Lui è il primo skull di una lunga serie che faranno da protagonisti nella performance che David Vecchiato- Diavù farà il prossimo 6 Agosto 2010 a Rossano Calabro - Cosenza.
News and updates soon!



Jim Avignon back in Italy with the new Neoangin show!

Jim Avignon (aka Neoangin) will be back in Italy, performing next July the 21 in Florence, at the Firenze Citè Aperta festival.
Jim will share the stage with Nova Huta (Hamburg) for the “Homeless bohemians – say hi to your neighborhood” show, don't miss it for any reason!!

Jim Avignon ( aka Neoangin) tornerà in Italia per il suo concerto a Firenze , il prossimo 21 luglio a Firenze per il Firenze Citè Aperta festival.
Dividerà il palco con Nova Huta ( Amburgo) nello show “Homeless bohemians – say hi to your neighborhood”, non perdetevelo assolutamente!



Ericaeilcane at POP UP! Festival 2010

See the new Ericailcane "Rovina" project for POP UP! Festival 2010 in Ancona- June 26th!

Eccovi il nuovo porgetto di Ericailcane "Rovina" presentato al POP UP! Festival 2010 di Ancona lo scorso 26 giugno!



The new stunning video from Blu

BIG BAG BIG BOOM is the new wall-painted animation by italian street artist BLU. Simply amazing.

The video will be presented next July 30th at the POP UP! Festival in Ancona ( MondoPOP is media partner).

Enjoy it!

BIG BAG BOOM è il nuovissimo wall- painted video di BLU! semplicemente stupendo.

Verrà proiettato in anteprima il 30 luglio al POP UP!Festival di Ancona (di cui MondoPOP è media partner).





Simone Legno in Europe! at Berlin Bread and Butter

tokidoki | Exclusive meet and greet with tokidoki creative director Simone Legno
Simone Legno (Tokidoki creative director) will be at the Bread and Butter Berlin next week! Don't miss the opportunity to meet him!
Here the link to the event!


Jon Burgerman's Lossy Botany Lab at the Helium Cowboy!

This July, Jon Burgerman and Heliumcowboy artspace will set up the Lossy Data Lab (NY 2009) again. For another time, Jon will explore the boundaries of art and scientific research in a neo-dadaistic manner:

"The Lossy Data Lab has had to relocate and move it’s research into botany after a lot of the data from NYC seemed in conclusive and corrupted. The lab also ran out of money. It felt studying plant life, observing new species and creating its own hybrid forms would be a better use of its merge resources. Also, through pure chance and accident the lab has discovered some of the plants it’s cultivating have special medicinal properties. We’d like to state that the lab is in no way going to purely focus it’s energies growing and selling such specimens to the down trodden and hedonistic thrill seekers of society." (Jon Burgerman)

“The Lossy Botany Lab” is the second solo exhibition of the young british artist in Hamburg that brings together a whole series of new works including soft sculp-tures, paintings, drawings as well as a botanical installation on site.

And they need your help! Bring your plants to Jon!

Donators will receive a small yet valuable gift from the president of the Lab, Mr Jon Burgerman, as a thank you at the opening gala event on the evening of July 1st. House plants, cacti, small shrubs, potted herbs, sticks with leaves on them, will all be gratefully accepted.

Just drop them off at the Lossy Data Lab HQ: heliumcowboy artspace, Bäckerbreitergang 73-75,
UNTIL TUESDAY, June 29 the latest! The earlier the better!

Lossy Botany Lab, Vernissage Thursday, July 1st, 8 - 11 pm


New Custom Huge Show!

A huge new custom show at Giant Robot LA!
Among the others, USSF artists Buff Monster, Camilla D'Errico, Jon Burgerman, Joe Ledbetter and many many others!
Have a preview on the amazing art: here

Opening Saturday July 10th 6.30-10pm

Giant Robot
2015 Sawtelle Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025-6229,


Gary Baseman's characters come to life at La Brea Tar Pits

24 of artist Gary Baseman's characters, including the ChouChous and the Tar Pit Girls, will perform and engage with crowds at the La Brea Tar Pits park and the LACMA museum in Los Angeles this Saturday:

"Choreographed by Sarah Elgart, and featuring a song by Carina Round, this dynamic experience will create new and alternative memories of one of LA's major landmark areas. Creating an atmosphere of whimsy and wonder, attendees who join the jollity by dancing or playing will receive limited-edition sashes with original art by Gary Baseman."
Saturday, June 12, 2010, at the La Brea Tar Pits Park, Los Angeles, Performances: 12 pm, 1 pm, and 3 pm (with vignettes in between and until 4 pm). It's free!



DEM & Ericailcane new mural in Poland

Ericailcane and our USSF friend Dem, painting a mural at Zeromskiego street in Wroclaw, Poland, as a part of Breaking the Wall, urban mural project.The mural scene “Breakin’ the Wall” will be developed utill June. On various walls in Wrocław, in Nadodrze and in the surroundings – there will be several large murals created as part of the project.


The Vader project in LA this week end!


Freeman’s presents
The Vader Project
Los Angeles Auction Preview

See 100 customized Darth Vader helmets of The Vader Project before they go up for auction!

The 100 Helmets of THE VADER PROJECT

This summer, The Vader Project launches the final chapter of its four-year art odyssey. The iconic collection features 100 Darth Vader Helmets re-imagined by today’s most notable artists. Completing its epic world tour, The Vader Project returns to Los Angeles in June for a special ten-day exhibition in Hollywood as a preview to the upcoming Freeman’s Auction in Philadelphia.


with the art of (among others): Shag, Peter Kuper, Jermaine Rogers, Gary Baseman, Anthony Ausgang, Tim Biskup, The Pizz, Dalek, Paul Frank, Ron English, Jeff Soto, Michelle Valigura, Joe Ledbetter, Frank Kozik, Plasticgod, Simone Legno - Tokidoki, Gary Taxali, Secret Base, Joe Ledbetter, Alex Pardee, Buff Monster, Cameron Tiede, Mister Cartoon, Marc Ecko, and
Amanda Visell.

Opening Night Party
Friday, June 11 6pm - 10pm
With DJs The Crystal Pharaoh and
The Sucklord from BAND of the LOST
Saturday, June 12 2pm
Catalog signing with over 20 participating artists.
Open Daily from Noon - 6pm June 12 - 20.
6812 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA 90036

Freeman’s Philadelphia Auction Showing July 5 - 9
Auction July 10
Freeman’s Auction House
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A


Glenn Barr new opening at the Roq La Rue!

Glenn Barr new solo show "Small Epic" will open up next July the 9th at the Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle.
Soon in Italy with MondoPOP!

Ron English in Italy

Ron English latest work in Italy: Rome-Guernica and Milan- the Double Elvis. And they say that alchool is a bad habit...Thanks Absolute Vodka!


Fidia & Nicola Alessandrini new show at MondoPOP!

Fidia and Nicola Alessandrini shared solo show, curated by Serena Melandri.
At MondoPOP Gallery from Friday, June the 4th until July the 31th.
Opening party: Friday, June the 4th starting from 6pm
MondoPOP International Gallery, via dei Greci 30, 00187 Roma (Metro Spagna)

www.mondopop.it - Tel. 06 36005117 – info@mondopop.it

doppia esposizione personale di Fidia e Nicola Alessandrini

a cura di Serena Melandri

dal 4 giugno 2010 al 31 luglio 2010 a MondoPOP

Vernissage venerdì 4 giugno a partire dalle ore 18 alle ore 21

MondoPOP International Gallery, via dei Greci 30, 00187 Roma (Metro Spagna)

www.mondopop.it - Tel. 06 36005117 – info@mondopop.it

w[A]nderland: comes from to wander + the land of fairytales, the Reign of Queen Alice. Like our world, the place represented by the 2 artists is only in appearence enchanted, free and happy: acutally it carries the germs of contamination, corruption and insanity.
No childhood is safe, no more fairytales, our two amphitryons will open up our eyes on the cruel reality: innocence is lost forever.
Proceeds of some Fidia artworks will be devoluted to Amnesty International and Emergency.

w[A]nderland: deriva dall’unione di to wander (errare, vagare, vagabondare, deviare, uscire dalla retta via, tradire, delirare) con la terra incantata teatro delle fiabe popolari e scenario incontrastato di Regina Alice. Una terra al pari di quella in cui viviamo, all’apparenza incantata, libera, evoluta e felice ma che, nelle realtà su cui ci rifiutiamo di indagare, porta dentro di se i germi della devianza, dell’oblio, del tradimento. Germi che crescono sempre più velocemente, con l’aumento di un degrado intellettuale e civile facilmente rintracciabile nella nostra contemporaneità.I due anfitrioni di questo luogo magico e decadente ci mostrano due percorsi personali differenti.

All'inaugurazione di w[A]nderland interverranno Emergency e Amnesty International e i proventi della vendita di alcune delle opere di Fidia saranno legati a una raccolta fondi a favore delle due associazioni.


Joe Ledbetter solo show!

This June, join iconic Los Angeles artist Joe Ledbetter for the highly-anticipated debut of Magnus Maximus. A solo exhibition of different stripes, Magnus Maximus is
an epic travel adventure based on Ledbetter’s journeys through Europe and beyond.
For his first solo show at Corey helford Gallery, Ledbetter creates an extraordinary collection of new paintings and drawings, filled with engaging narratives and bold visuals that are as autobiographical as they are a classic hero story. A true tale of wretched victory, Magnus Maximus is a character study in twists of fate and fortune, power and privilege.
“For me, it has cumulatively epitomized everything I’ve been working toward for the past 9 years as a painter. Personal narrative, sardonic or humorous undertones, familiar scenarios, strong shadowed bold lines, bright colors, limited palette, and hopefully great characters one can sympathize and fall in love with.”

Open to the public, the reception for Magnus Maximus will take place on Friday, June 4 from 7 to 10pm, and the show will be exhibited until June 23, 2010 at Corey Helford Gallery, Culver city, LA

Camilla D'Errico solo show!


Urban Superstar Show 2010 > Back from Black vernissage VIDEO

Back from Black group show (1 May - 14 June 2010)
curated by David "Diavù" Vecchiato.
Second edition of the URBAN SUPERSTAR Festival. From May to December 2010, MADRE Museum, Naples, Italy.
Realizzazione NFI per Napoli Comicon



A sneak peak during the set up:

Victor Castillo

Glenn Barr:

Hey Piteco!

Luca & Miguel Angel Martin:

Serena & Boris Hoppek:

Tara Mc Pherson, Diavù & Joe Ledbetter


Hitnes & Zelda Bomba:

The sound check:

The Razmataz

1/2 Anxieteam at the check sound:

The Opening!

Jim Avignon:

ph: Cristina Cusani


ph: Cristina Cusani

Peter and artist Zoe Lacchei:

Victor Castillo:

ph: Cristina Cusani

Boris Hoppek:

ph: Cristina Cusani

Blu, Licia Viero & Bigfoot:

ph: Cristina Cusani

Milo Manara & Diavù:

ph: Cristina Cusani

Hitnes, Framcesca Ghermandi, Camilla Falsini, Giovanna Pistone, Marco About, Mr. Wany & Ian Stevenson:

ph: Cristina Cusani

ph: Cristina Cusani

Miguel Angel Martin:

ph: Cristina Cusani


ph: Cristina Cusani

Jim Avignon & Jon Burgeman:

ph: Cristina Cusani

ph: Cristina Cusani

Diego & Victor:

Squaz & Massimo Giacon:

Gianluca Costantini:


Giorgia & AdaPia:


Mr. PG and Zoe artworks:

Pasta & Patate:


Buff Monster art:

Camilla D'Errico art:


Francesca Ghermandi, Gio Pistone, Camilla Falsini, Marco About & Mr. Wany

Mr. Wany:

Tara Mc Pherson & Diavù & Joe Ledbetter collaboration:

Sergio Mora:

Micheal Sieben & Fidia:

Glenn Barr:

Ray Caesar:

Zoe Lacchei art:

Lisa Petrucci:


Jon Burgermam art:

Video Animations & Cartoons area: Laurina Paperina:

The Dinner:

Diavù & Rob:

Napolitan original dinner in the patio:

Marco Bragaglia, Francesca & Diavù:


Serena & AdaPia:

Marco & Jim:

Ale G & Jon:

Fabri Boze & the Chicken:

Alberto orradi, Massimo Giacon:

Peter, artist Zoe Lacchei, Mr.PG and Bob:

Aleg, Jim, Mario, Jon:

Jim tastes a Babà sweet:

Jon's turn to taste babà!

Zoe and PG:

The Razmataz!

Artists Fidia & Zelda Bomba:

AdaPia D'Errico & Francesca:

AdaPia, Francesca & Marco:

Jon & Jim:

Iabo & Fidia:


Clauda & Fidia:


Diana & friend:

the wonderful installation in the patio:

Diavù & Iabo:


the party is beginning!

The Party!

wooo! the concert hall courtains are opening!

Diavù & The Razmataz!

ph.Serena Morelli

ph.Serena Morelli

ph.Serena Morelli

ph.Serena Morelli

ph.Serena Morelli

ph.Serena Morelli


ph.Serena Morelli

ph.Serena Morelli

The E-bay song!

ph.Serena Morelli

the hit "Let's eat soya" with the Soya dancers:

Massimo Giacon:

ph.Serena Morelli

ph.Serena Morelli

ph.Serena Morelli

Pasta & Patate and their ukulele!