Joe Ledbetter's new Octobunny release


What’s this ?! It’s Joe Ledbetter’s Octobunny. The mutant bunny has made the jump into 2.5D with this brand spankin’ new metal piece featuring two interlocking pieces for a rock-solid distinctive look. As you can see, Octobunny is keeping Ms. Bunny close at hand. This scene is executed precisely through the dual-sided laser engraved design which was produced in metal by Jamie Mathis. Designed by Joe Ledbetter and Henry Loh, this innovative piece pushes the boundary between figure and art object.

Limited to 50 pieces, Octobunny tapes out at roughly 5.25” (Ms. Bunny piece) and 8.75” wide and weighs in at 1.5+ pounds of solid metal. Each Octobunny is stamped with the piece number and comes with a signed and numbered Letterpressed print (6” x 4.75”) on Curious Metallic paper made from the LetterPress plates for the ‘05 cards.

Octobunny droped April the 1st @ Noon PDT for $150 each (+ s/h). To purchase, send an email with your name and shipping address to octobunnymetal@hotmail.com. Only emails received after Noon PDT will be accepted as orders. Paypal invoices will then be sent out to customers. First come, first serve.

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