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Paul Chatem will take part ot the Urban Superstar Show 2010.
Paul Chatem espone all'Urban Superstar Show 2010.

Paul Chatem was born in 1974 in Bellevue, Washington.
He grew up in La Crescenta, CA, a foothill town that kept itself apart from the city of Los Angeles it looked down on.
This separation between rich and poor, the lucky and the down- and-out, has always been a connecting theme and influence in his paintings.
After graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1997, Paul showed his work in shows around Los Angeles.
In 2001 Paul backed off from showing to develop his work.
What came from this was a new style that combined aspects of those earlier works, taking the narrative aspects and clean lines of his comic book influences,
mixed with more painterly aspects he developed his first solid body of work.
“It Tastes like Whiskey” opened Feb. 2006 at the Black Maria Gallery in Atwater, CA.
Since then his work has been featured at The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco CA,
CoproNason Gallery in Santa Monica CA, The Bluebottle Art Gallery in Seattle WA, and has been included in many publications and group shows in North America and abroad.
Working construction to support his art, he is now working on pieces that incorporate those skills with his unique painting vision

Paul Chatem (Washington, 1974) è cresciuto a La Crescenta, California, tenendosi sempre alla larga da Los Angles.
Questa separazione tra povero e ricco, fortunato e non, è sempre stato uno dei temi principali del suo lavoro.
Dopo la laurea nel 1997 presso il Kansas City Art Institute, Paul ha cominciato ad esporre in diversi show a Los Angeles.
Nel 2001 il suo stile si trasforma del tutto, unendo caratteristiche dei suoi primi lavori a aspetti narrativi e linee influenzate dai comics
e dalle tecniche pittoriche utilizzate nelle opere precedenti.
Il suo primo solo show ha aperto nel 2006 alla Black MAria Gallery, California e da lì ha esposto presso la The Shooting Gallery di San Francisco,
CoproNason Gallery in Santa Monica, The Bluebottle Art Gallery di Seattle. Il suo lavoro è stato inlcuso in diverse pubblicazioni, ed ha partecipato a group show in nord America
e all'estero.

Painting Courtesy © Paul Chatem

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